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September 8, 2012
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A figure of messed up sunshine blond hair stood at the edge of a cemetery gripping a bouquet of roses. His emerald green eyes were swarming with memories of the past. The air was crisp carrying the scent of a possible snowstorm. It was late fall so all the graves were covered with leaves from the oak and walnut trees that were planted around the perimeter of the area. The leave crinkled under the male's feet as he made his way across the area with a clear destination in his mind.

As he arrived at his destination, a soft sad smile played across Arthur's face. "Hello _____, I decided to stop by before I left for the world meeting. It's taking place in Alfred's land this time. A bit Ironic isn't it." he said placing the roses on the top of the grave. His now empty hand made it's way into his golden locks as he tried to think of something to say. It wasn't that the Englishman was at a lost of word. Quite the opposite in fact he had so much he wanted to say but how. No not just how, why and what as well. He was so uncertain of how to say what he wanted.

"Love, your... our daughter, is growing up beautifully. I'm just sorry I wasn't there." He could feel the tears starting to make their way down his cheeks. It was that moment that his knees buckled under him causing him to kneel in the grass that someone who was very dear to him laid under. It was his fault no  matter how he looked at it. No matter what anyone said. He could see it as clearly as if it were just happening, much like he could with when Alfred left him.

---------- flash back---------------

You smiled a bit from your hospital bed as you looked at the man you loved more you ever would've thought possible holding your daughter. She and you would be heading home in a few hours however Arthur would be leaving sooner and not around for at least the next few days. The blonde man smiled at your child then turned his attention to you. "I'm sorry, love, but If I'm to make it on time I've got to leave now." he said before pressing his lips to both your and your daughter's head.

With you

two hours later a nurse came in to begin the process of being released to your sister, who was taking you home. Once all that was completed they helped you get in the car along with (daughter's name) and you started on your way home. Halfway home everything went south. Your sister, Danielle, had just pulled into an intersection with the right of way when another car came barreling towards your car. Instinctively, you threw yourself between the oncoming car and your child. A sharp pain then nothing only the faint sound of sirens and they were fading.

With Arthur

Arthur was sitting on his plane that had just taken off when one of his assistants approached him. "Excuse me sir, there's a phone call from a lady named, Danielle. She says it's urgent." He nodded before setting his tea down and heading to where he could take the phone call.

"Hello, this is Arthur Kirkland." he said into the phone to indicate that he had picked up.

"Arthur, I have terrible news, ____ and I were in an accident. And..." her voice began to crack and trail off.

"Are you all ok?" the man asked trying to get the lady on the other end to respond. Even though he asked in the pit of his stomach he already knew the answer. He was just hoping it was wrong. Sure he knew eventually he would have to deal with this but he had never thought it would be this soon.

"I am, and so is (daughter's name) but... _____.... she, she may n-not make it." It was obvious to the male that Danielle was barely holding herself together. As the news he heard finally processed, his phone slipped out of his hand.

He quickly scrabbled for the phone and picked it up. "I'll be there as soon as I can." the blonde's voice was surprisingly steady "for now I will have to hang up." a brief good bye from the other end came and he hung up.

A couple of quick breaths left Arthur's lips as he tried to gather himself. His hands quickly moved across the number pad as he dialed Alfred's phone. He couldn't exactly not just show up for the meeting.

"Alfred, it's Arthur." he said trying to keep his voice from shaking, "I'm sorry to call so suddenly but..." He trailed off as his voice began to shake almost unintelligibly.

He could just picture's the American's expression with the response. "Dude, what's wrong? Your voice is shaking." Arthur didn't want to worry his former charge but he was having trouble keeping himself together.

"I won't be able to make the meeting. I'm afraid that..." he trailed off again to try and prevent himself from breaking down. The man had expected it to be a lot easier to call that he wouldn't be able to make it. It wasn't exactly like he would call an absence often.

"I'm afraid that _____ is in trouble... and... and I want to be there for here." his voice cracked this time as he tried to finish his final sentence. The silence on the line was deafening as his conversation partner seemed to process the information.

"I see. I'm sorry. I think everyone will understand." the response was calm, sorrowful and almost inaudible as if the normally obnoxious American seemed to, for once in his life, put all the pieces together. Truthfully this didn't surprise Arthur much, he knew for a fact that most of the other countries also liked you. The conversation ended shortly after that and The English gentlemen returned to the front of his plane.

"Dianna, please tell the Pilot to turn the plan around. There seems to be a change of plans and we must return to England." he directed his assistant as he picked up his tea. His hand was shaking so the drink seemed to not want to stay in it's cup. A soft sigh left his lips as he placed it back down. If only he had been the one to take you home .
-------- end flashback---------

Arthur was clearing off the leaves from around the grave as he thought of that day. "If I could go back, I would be the one to take you home. Maybe then you would've survived." he sighed, "I wish I could do something to bring you back. Immortality isn't fun when you see the most important people to you leave you." The sound of some more feet crunching over the leaves reached his ears.

He turned his green eyes from the tombstone towards the oncoming figures. One was a young girl with (h/c) hair pulled up in a pair of pigtail she appeared to be about 5. The other was another male with shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes. He smiled as the girl started running towards him.

"Dad, Uncle Francis was showing me some pictures from when you guys were younger." she giggled as she started clinging to Arthur. He quickly wiped the tears off his face so he didn't have to explain why he was crying.

The man had finally arrived. "mon ami, She wouldn't like to see you sad like zis. _____ would 'ave wanted you to live your life, non?" The Frenchman said as he spotted his old friend and rival's expression. It was clear to him that the Englishman had been crying.

Arthur shot a half-hearted glare towards Francis. "I am well aware of that you bloody frog." He stood up and brushed the leaves off his pants. Once he was satisfied he grabbed his daughter's hand. "come on it's best we be off soon."

(daughter's name) nodded. Then pulled her hand away from her father's returning to the side of Francis. Arthur chuckled a bit at the girl. "Oh love before I forget. Happy birthday." he said casting one last look at the grave before starting towards the other two.
This is a random England x reader I came up with listening to
Lucy by Skillet

I decided, after I posted this to dedicate this to my English friend, Lucy. She loved skillet. Sure I don't know if she liked or even knew Hetalia but still... RIP Lucy. I may not have actually known you offline but you were still an amazing person.

here is the song [link]

It's not exactly original but I was bored.

Arthur Kirkland (c) Himura-sensei
you (c) either :iconenglandplz: or yourself
Lucy (c) Skillet and their label
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PandaChick0508 Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you I'm clad you liked it.
stafford04 Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it ok that I cried D:
But it was a good story :3
If It makes you feel better I was tearing up as well while I wrote it. and some of my online friends did as well. but to make it up *give you a hetalia plushie*

Thanks ^.^
DeathStaravian Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The story was really nice.... and sad.......and stuff.....
Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it even though it is sad.
DeathStaravian Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
N-no problem. :iconamericawhyplz:
Excuse me while I go die of sadness.

Really good though!
D: I didn't mean to kill people with sadness. but here have an Arthur plushie to make it up to you *give you plushie* (not entirely sure how that will help)

Thanks for reading ^.^
I'm not sure either... but you aren't getting the plushie back.
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